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Crime Victims Rights
The Saratoga Springs Police Department complies with the provisions of the New York State Executive Law, Article 22, titled Crime Victims Board. It is the policy of the police department to make every effort to ensure that eligible victims receive information about their rights as victims of crime. Victims of crime are provided forms explaining the availability of victim compensation and other services in New York State. The department has available written information supplied by the New York State Crime Victims Board explaining the availability of crime victims compensation and victims services. Those forms are also provided in this portion of our web site for easy download for those who may require these forms.

For more information about the New York State Crime Victims Board, please visit their web site at the link below:

New York State Crime Victims Board

The Saratoga County District Attorney's Office also maintains a Crime Victims Unit. The Advocates in the Crime Victims Unit are ready and able to help victims throughout the criminal justice process. They can explain a victim's rights, how the court system works and what to expect each step of the way. They are available to meet with victims in person or to speak with them over the phone. The Advocates can make sure that a victim's thoughts are directly conveyed to the Assistant District Attorney handling the case.

Additionally, the Advocates can explain the possibility of reimbursement from the New York State Crime Victims Board and help with the application process. Information about and referral to other available services is also provided through this unit.

You can contact the Advocates at (518) 885-2263. To learn more about who the crime victim advocates are in the Saratoga County DA's office you may click on this link:

Saratoga County Crime Victims Unit